Get your adsense account approved fast

I’ve noticed that a lot of people have trouble getting an AdSense account the regular way, especially if you live outside of US/CAN/EUROPE. (especially Indians)
I’m going to show you guys a trick that I have been using for a while, and which has never failed me in getting multiple AdSense accounts.

Here is what you do:
1. Go to the website www.*******.com

2. On the top right hand side you will see a register button click it!

3. Fill in all the information including a valid email.

4. Click I’d like to set up an AdSense account.
adsense aprooval quick

adsense aprooval quick

5. Fill in all the information Fully and submit.

6. You will get an email from both Google and *******. Click the link in the Google email and fill out the information and make sure it matches you ******* information. Also make sure you click “yes allow *******.com to access my account”

7. Go back to *******.com and login to your newly made account.

8. At the top of the page click “my profile”

9. On the top left click “update profile” Make sure you fill in as much information here as possible and that it matches your AdSense info. The more info you input the more likely you will be approved by AdSense.

10. Find any random .doc files or .pdf files on your computer and click the Upload tab.

11. Click the upload tab and upload at least 2 files.

That is it! This method always works for me and you should be approved within a week. Once you have your AdSense account you don’t need ******* any more, and you don’t have to share any of your AdSense earnings with them!!!

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