40% of Hacker Attacks Are From US and China

Hacker Attacks Are From US and China
Recently the NCC Group, a security firm reveals the origins of most hacking operations and the estimated damages they cause to the global economy each year. From their study it clearly shows that cyber crimes are done by Developed and Developing nations. The US and China are positioned 1st and 2nd, respectively. Together these two countries are responsible for nearly 40% of the world’s hack attempts, costing the global economy over $44 billion each year.

NCC Hacker Attacks Are From US and China
US and China are followed on the global list by Russia, Brazil, Italy, Netherlands, France, Denmark, Germany and India.
“Reading the papers each day, it’s easy to think of hacking as something that happens to us from afar; that we’re victims of foreign criminal gangs in developing countries. Yet hackers can be anywhere in the world, as our research illustrates, including on our own doorstep,” Rob Cotton, NCC Group’s chief executive said.
Day to day the cyber crime activities are increasing and this cannot be stopped at any cast. ;)



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